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Gems and Jewellery

Thailand is one of the world's major sources of rubies and sapphires, and this has prompted the rise of a huge gem cutting and jewellery-making industry. Today , in addition to indigenous stones are imported for cutting and polishing to make Bangkok an unrivalled center for colored gems. Skill in cutting is matched by creative flair in jewellery design and setting. Thus the shopper is presented with excellent opportunities for buying individual polished gems and finished jewellery items, including custom-made pieces. In addition to jewellery, gemstone pictures and other decorative items are to be found. There are many specialist jewellery shops with large selections of goods displaying the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. Bargains do not exist in any quality gem and jewellery business, but Thailand's ready supply of raw gemstones and extensive jewellery making industry promise extremely competitive prices. A symbol of Bangkok's status as a world-ranking gem is the 55-storey Jewellery Trade Center, on SILOM Road, beside Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel. This prestigious high-rise tower is designed to facilitate gem and jewellery buying for both the trade and the consumer. Facilities will include an international gems and diamond bourse, a computerized trading board and five floors of retail shops.


Bangkok is today the colored gemstone capital of the world. The country is a major source of rubies and sapphires, while Bangkok has also become an established cutting and setting center for all kinds of precious stones.

Bangkok offers many opportunities to purchase polished gems. Rubies and sapphires are indigenous stones, but virtually all colored gems, as well as, diamonds, are also available. Shoppers should exercise caution and know what they are looking for. Remember, there are no bargains in the gem business, or so few as to be negligible -- good and cheap simply don't go together when it comes to precious stones. But what the careful shopper can expect is excellent value for money.




Jewellery-making facilities have expanded rapidly in recent years, and today Thailand ranks as the world's second biggest jewellery exporter. Cutting skills are matched by creative flair in jewellery design and setting, affording the shopper a splendid choice of quality items in a wide price range. Alternatively, many leading jewellers will also accept commissions for custom-made pieces. In addition to jewellery, gemstone pictures and other decorative items are to be found.





Good and inexpensive craftsmanship, combined with standard gold prices, make Thai gold articles excellent value. Handcrafted chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other articles are all widely available at the many specialist gold shops in Bangkok, as well as at jewellery stores. Good place to shop for gold is Chinatown



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