KRUNG THEP - Bangkok in Thai Language

Maha Uma Devi Temple

This small Hindu temple is also called Wat Khaek. 'Khaek' is a Thai colloquial expression for person of Indian descent.  Wat Khaek sits alongside busy Silom Road, near the Pan Road intersection, in Bangkok, a district with a high  concentration of Indian residents. The principle temple structure, built in the 1869's by Tamil immigrants features a six metro facade of intertwined, full color  Hindu deities, topped with gold-plated copper dome.

The temple's main shrine contains three principal deities - Uma Devi, also known as Shakti,  Shiva's consort, at the center. Her son Phra Khantakuman or Subramaniam, on the right and her elephant-headed son Phra Phik-khanet (Ganesh). The priest gives holy  water on the hands of worshipper and worshipper pass their hands through the lamp frame for purification, and they dip their fingers in the colored powder and daub prayer marks on their foreheads.

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