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Little India (Pahurat)

Map of Phahurat - Click here to viewTowards the western edge of CHINATOWN approaches the Indian district of Pahurat (Little India in Bangkok). A lot of  fabric shops - many of them operated by Indian (mostly Sikh) merchants-start dominating the selection. If you’re looking for good deals on Thai textiles you’re in the right place. But hold off buying until you’ve had a chance to look through at least a dozen or more shops - they get better the farther you go.  Along Chakrawat Road in this vicinity, as well as farther ahead along Sampeng Lane on the other side of Chakrawat, there are many gem, jewelry and fabric shops.

The Pahurat Market is predominately Indian. Here are offered the tastes, smells and sights of magical India. The majority of the merchants sell all varieties of cloth and clothing. Ornate Indian jewelry and accessories, such as sandals, abound in this market place. The surrounding restaurants provide tastes and tidbits of Indian cuisine. There are many street vendors offering authentic and fragrant Indian foods.

Chakraphet Road is well known for its Indian restaurants and shops selling Indian sweets. One of the best eateries in the area is the Royal India Restaurant, which serves north Indian cuisine and is justly famous for its tasty selection of Indian breads (Naan and Tandoori Roti). On the opposite side of Chakraphet Road from the Royal India is a Chinese temple. North of this temple, in a back alley on the west side of the road, is a large Sikh temple-turn left before the ATM Department Store to find the entrance. Visitors to the temple-reportedly the second largest Sikh temple outside of India-are welcome but they must remove their shoes and cover their head. If you arrive on a Sikh festival day you can partake in the langar or communal Sikh meal served in the temple.

Several inexpensive Indian food stalls are found in an alley alongside the ATM department store. Behind the store, stretching westward from Chakraphet Road to Triphet Road, is the Pahurat Market.

Pahurat is easily accessible by  walk, after alighting from a Chao Phraya River Express boat at Tha (pier) Saphaan Phut, which is just to the north-west of Phra Phut Yot Fa (Memorial) Bridge. 

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